Operational Methodology

Review of projects:

The TDF, FPO’s, Microfinance projects are being implemented strictly as per objectives of the respective projects. Man Power and Financing activities are being handled professionally and transparently. Involvement of Professional team from Head office and the Team deputed at ground level are monitored by trustees regularly. 

Field team meets once in a week at project level. 100% of the project staff participates in this meeting and discusses the project level issues, takes their own decision. 

Presently there are 1 TDF project and 27 FPO projects being implemented by NCT in 3 states and every project has a team between 15-40 members, depending upon the size and phasing of project.

Utilisation of Fund and Accounting activities are being managed transparently with active participation from beneficiaries such as VPC in case of TDF projects and BOD in case of FPO Projects. 

Creation of Value-Chain and brands for the community: One of the examples for NCTs professional approach is development of credible value-chain for the community for which NCT is working for last one decade. ‘VANAMRUT HONEY’ brand has been created for marketing the Wild Honey harvested by the tribal honey hunters. NCT had also supported ‘SWAYAM SHOPPEs’ for marketing the branded goods. NCT had supported 5 of such shops. NCT had also created another brand ‘KHUSHI’ for the handloom garments, produced by the weavers of Lodhikheda village in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. NCT has also supported a tribal women producers’ organization, ‘FALHAM SAMPADA’. Vanamrut Honey, Swayam, Falhm Sampada and Khushi are an endeavor of NCT to make the system ‘independent’ and for the benefit of the community from the same.

• NCT is a growing, professional NGO, has been continuously restructuring and revamping its systems for better, from time to time.
• Has learnt professionalism mainly while working with NABARD, over a period of last 10 years. NABARD’s monitoring visits are always a learning session for NCT.
• Developed a strong MIS with accountability to professionally managed project team.
• Has good track record of shifting from Grant based projects to loan based or Grant + loan based projects.
• Repayment, both from beneficiaries to NCT and NCT to lending agency of loan based projects is 100%.
• Has positive, ‘try new things’ attitude, which is rare in social development sector.
• Quick response at all levels of Management.
• Credible CRISIL’s 5R rating, confirms above facts.

Registrations under Income Tax Act
12A Registration Number: AAATN2648FE20206
80G Registration Number: AAATN2648FF20219
Registration under FCRA: 083870194