(1) Shri. YSP Thorat, Ex Chairman NABARD visited village Isapur in wardha district during February 2006. He interacted with the distressed farmers and understood their difficulties.

(2) Dr. K G Karmakar has visited NCT’s initiatives three times. He visited the Village Farm Development project during 2007. He interacted with farmers and addressed farmers at village Kutki. He also visited various farm initiatives established by the farmers.

Dr. Karmakar visited the Tribal Development project at Tamia during October 2008. He had an open discussion with the tribal farmers at village Satahvah in Tamia block of Chhindwara district. Dr. Karmakar also addressed a huge gathering of over 1500 SHG women at Sausar. He declared 250 SHGs credit linked with SBI at the programme.

During January 2010 Dr. Karmakar again visited the sanitation programme being implemented by the Trust at Karanja in Wardha district. The MD, NABARD addressed a gathering of over 1200 SHG women and Farmers’ Club members at a glittering programme at Karanja.

(3) Dr. S K Mitra, Executive Director: Dr. S K Mitra inaugurated the NABARD supported Honey processing unit on 12/03/2008. He addressed over 150 tribal honey hunters gathered there. The unit is supported by NABARD under its UPNRM programme.

(4) NABARD’s Ex-Chairman Hon. Umeshchandra Sarangi (IAS) has visited the Tribal Development project during September 2010 being implemented by NCT at Melghat region of Amravati district. Shri. Sarangi visited many Wadis established by the tribal beneficiaries and addressed the tribal farmers after inaugurating the TDF project.

(5) NABARD’s Chairman Dr. Harshkumar Bhanwala has visited the Trust’s initiatives on 24/02/2015. Dr. Bhanwala inaugurated the Agriculture Knowledge Centre (AKC) established by the Trust at village Raulgaon, 32 KMSs from Nagpur. He visited various agriculture technologies & Honey processing centre established by the Trust. At the centre, Dr. Bhanwala addressed the Tribal farmers & tribal honey hunters.

During his visit Dr. Bhanwala also visited the loan based sanitation programme being implemented by the Trust. He visited village a few toilet units build by the SHG members taking NABARD supported loan from NCT. He addressed about 1500 SHG members who have been benefitted from this programme.