Support needy rural women to earn extra income through a small business:

Due to continued involvement in Self-help Group (SHG) and trainings, many rural women have become empowered and would like to support their families through small business as per their aptitude and funds available. These activities can be goat rearing, milk business, vegetable cultivation in a small portion of their land, vegetable vending, tailoring, a small daily-need shop etc. You can support such families with Rs. 40000/- full grant or even on principal returnable basis. The principal amount would be returned after 2 years. (If it is an interest free loan, NCT would charge a simple interest of 12% to meet the expenses of collection of EMI, follow-up, providing hand-holding etc.) We would provide you the full details / photographs / contacts of the families supported by you.

Domestic Donations

International Donations