Reduce Global-warming, contribute to climate change, Support a farmer family for installation of an environmental friendly Bio-Gas unit:

Domestic livestock such as cattle, buffalo, sheep and goats produce large amounts of CH4 as part of their normal digestive process. Also, when animal manure is stored, CH4 is produced. CH4 adds to global-warming. Globally, the Agriculture sector is the primary source of CH4 emissions. The CH4 (Methane) gas can be separated using a Bio-Gas unit and the same is used as cooking gas or for electrification. The manure without CH4 is a be very good organic fertilizer for agriculture. You can support a farmer family for installing a 100 CFT Biogas (or Gobar-Gas) unit with Rs. 40000/-. This would make 3 major positive impacts, (1) meet the cooking gas requirement of a rural farmer family (2) The cow dung (slurry) after separation of Ch4 is more useful for the fields. (3) Your contribution would make a positive impact on climate change. You can support any number of farmers. We would establish these two units for any willing farmer. We will provide you the full details / photographs / contacts of the families supported by you.

Domestic Donations

International Donations