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ACTIVITIES OF THE TRUST:                                                                                                               


I. NABARD Supported Projects
6. Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme (MEDP): 

During the current financial year, NCT has provided MEDP training at Pandhurna, Sausar and Ramakona. Over 100 women SHG members have participated and taken advantage of this training programme. The SHG members were imparted with skills of production of Washing Powder, Phenyl, Face wash, Jam, jelly, bakery products, cake, chocolates, Tomato Ketchup, Sherbat, biscuits, detergents, disinfectants, fabric whiteners, incense sticks, dairy products, cottage cheese (paneer), khawa, pedha, soy products etc. This training has helped the rural SHG members immensely in increasing their income through micro enterprises. The Trust has developed and registered a brand known as “SWAYAM” for providing marketing support to the SHG members. Presently the SHG members are successfully marketing the above products under this brand name.


I. NABARD Supported Projects
1. Rural Sanitation Programme
2. Tribal Development Fund Projects (TDF)
3. Watershed Development
4. Promotion of Self-Help Groups
5. "VANAMRUT" A Project By Nageshwara Charitable Trust (NCT) 
6. Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme (MEDP)
7. Promotion of Farmers Clubs
8. Swabhiman
9. Rural Innovation Fund (RIF) Project
10. Augmenting Lead Crop Project
11. Support for Women SHGs for processing of NTFPs
12. Introduction of Soya Cultivation in Odisha
13. Awareness programmes for Financial Literacy
II. Project Supported by Central and State Government Departments and Banks & CSR:
1. Handloom Cluster Development
2. Microfinance Activity supported by State Bank of India
3. Microfinance Activity supported by RMK
4. Vegetable Cluster Development for Syngenta Foundation India (SFI)
5. Care Today Fund:
6. Habitat for Humanity India Trust:
7. Unilever Supported Domex Toilet Academy (DTA):