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NCT had pleasure to organise a small gathering for recognising this good work done by the bank 10th February 2016 

It is a known fact that since 1999 with NABARDís leadership and initiatives Self-Help groups (SHGs) have been promoted all over India. Presently there are over 70 Lac SHGs in India. Various bank branches, mainly in rural areas have credit linked these SHGs during these years. NCT is involved in SHG movement since 2001 and has promoted over 12500 SHGs in around 10 districts in 3 states. However, it is experienced that, ever having good experience of loan repayments by the women SHGs, bankers are little reluctant to provide repeat loans to matured SHGs. In majority of cases, presently the the saving versus loan ratio is 4:1 or even less then that. It should have been 1:4.

NCT had a rare experience from a Zonal Manager of Bank of Maharashtra. The Zonal Manager, BOM, Nagpur Zone Shri. T. V. Ramana Murthy has taken personal interest and provided repeat loans to over 150 SHGs to the tune of Rs. 3.00 crores. This has helped the SHG memners to start various mind blowing, innovative income generation activities and provide support to their families. The repayment of these SHGs is 100%. The bank would like to support more and more SHGs in coming months.

NCT had pleasure to organise a small gathering for recognising this good work done by the bank. Shri. G.R.Chintala, Chief General Manager, NABARD, HO, heading the Micro Credit Innovative Department was the Chief Guest during the programme. Loans were distributed to SHG members during the programme. Shri. Chintala ji appreciated the great work done by the bank and its young officers.

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