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ACTIVITIES OF THE TRUST:                                                                                                               


I. NABARD Supported Projects
10. Augmenting Lead Crop Project: 

NCT is implementing a pilot project for NABARD in 9 villages in Sausar block of Chhindwara district. This project is aimed at augmenting the lead crops (cotton, Maize, Ground nut, Soya, Wheat and Pigeon-pie) to at least 30% over a period of 3 years. This would be done through soil analysis and proper usage of fertilizers, introduction of new, adaptable technology, introduction of water management and conservation technologies such as drip and sprinklers, motivating the farmers for production of seed, vegetable cultivation, dairy development, collective purchase of inputs, sale of farm produces collectively etc.

The project has supported over 650 farmers in analysis of their farm soil with the help of District Soil testing laboratory, soil health card has been issued to all the farmer, conducted basic survey of households for preparing a data base, 40 model plots are being established for demonstrating the high yield using proper package of practice for Cotton, Soya, Groundnut and Maize. Farmers’ clubs have been promoted in all villages and a project level committee known as ‘Jai Kisan Utpadak Samiti’ has been promoted. This Samiti is involved in implementation and monitoring of the project. NABARD has sanctioned Rs. 38.94 Lakhs for implementation of this project. As on 31/03/2012, NABARD has released Rs. 6.58 Lakhs to Jai Kisan Utpadak Samiti and Rs. 0.65 Lakhs to NCT.

I. NABARD Supported Projects
1. Rural Sanitation Programme
2. Tribal Development Fund Projects (TDF)
3. Watershed Development
4. Promotion of Self-Help Groups
5. "VANAMRUT" A Project By Nageshwara Charitable Trust (NCT) 
6. Micro Entrepreneurship Development Programme (MEDP)
7. Promotion of Farmers Clubs
8. Swabhiman
9. Rural Innovation Fund (RIF) Project
10. Augmenting Lead Crop Project
11. Support for Women SHGs for processing of NTFPs
12. Introduction of Soya Cultivation in Odisha
13. Awareness programmes for Financial Literacy
II. Project Supported by Central and State Government Departments and Banks & CSR:
1. Handloom Cluster Development
2. Microfinance Activity supported by State Bank of India
3. Microfinance Activity supported by RMK
4. Vegetable Cluster Development for Syngenta Foundation India (SFI)
5. Care Today Fund:
6. Habitat for Humanity India Trust:
7. Unilever Supported Domex Toilet Academy (DTA):